Early Ellen

This is one of Ellen Degeneres early stand up comedy videos. She has come a long way. Journey to success is a long one they say. Recently she was given the medal of freedom by Obama. Both were teary eyed. She has influenced a lot of people and I thought it would be interesting for … More Early Ellen

Voice over

Melissa Villasenor is an inspiration for me. She wears her weakness as her shield. She can change her voice at will and it’s pretty amazing. She can do anyone’s mimicry. She talks mainly about her voice in this video.

Immigrant parents

Russell Peters talks about his favourite subject, his life in Canada and his dad. I want to meet his dad one day. I will probably ask ‘are you proud of your son making money at the expense of your stupidity?’

NY,LA and Lion king

Jack Whitehall jokes about how people are in New York, yes you guessed it right ‘grumpy’. Then he compares drinking in LA to that in Britain. Boy does he love lion king! Last joke is something that happens to all of us! 

Jimmy Carr babbling

This video is about random jokes. All of which are quite funny. Jimmy Carr is famous for his dark humour and signature laugh. This is a 5 min pick me up sort of thing with witty jokes. I am going to use few of them to impress girls. Sshh it’s a secret.

Student suicide

Daniel Fernandez is an intelligent comic. He talks about this serious issue and helps us widen our thinking horizon. This video is about the scene of students in India. Students will find this quite relatable! His other videos are intelligently funny. Coming soon. Parents watch this!

Extroverts and chaos

Biswa Kalyan Rath of the pretentious movie reviews fame is an amazing stand up comedian. In this video he talks about chilling,festivals and how extroverts have a different idea of having fun. His videos are amazing, follow his youtube channel to check out more hilarious stuff. I guess he went to IIT. I am going … More Extroverts and chaos