Kanan Gill has an interesting take on life. I feel more people should be chilled out like him and not argue on stupid things.The world would be a better place if everyone kept their stupid opinions to themselves and is basically just nice to everyone. Too much to wish for? I know. 


Reem Edan talks about the misconceptions regarding Muslims. Also inside view about what happens in their families in a comic way. I am sure many wonder about it. Well watch this video and learn about new cultures. 

The talk

Daniel Sloss tells us about “the talk” with his dad.  Most hilarious misunderstanding ever! The most awkward thing, learning about bees and the birds. Imagine if this ever happened to you!

Extroverts and chaos

Biswa Kalyan Rath of the pretentious movie reviews fame is an amazing stand up comedian. In this video he talks about chilling,festivals and how extroverts have a different idea of having fun. His videos are amazing, follow his youtube channel to check out more hilarious stuff. I guess he went to IIT. I am going … More Extroverts and chaos


Amy Schumer talks about several different things from her mom to boyfriend. Then she mentions once or twice she is beautiful. She is okay. Funny girl Amy!

Sarah on Religion

Sarah Silverman is an attractive and funny comedian. Feminists dont attack me for putting the adjective ‘attractive’ first. I just went alphabetically. Really. So here she voices her opinion on religion which is kind of brave. I am not saying whether she is right or wrong. Its just food for thought.

Fat people

Ricky Gervais, the creator of The Office is a very humble and kind person. I am kidding, he is extremely mean and yet manages to make us laugh. He is a chubby fellow and just because he is rich and famous he gets to make fun of fat people. Well he says he doesn’t do … More Fat people