Kenny talks about exams ,cbse and punishments! hilarious as always. Indians can relate to this video. That’s what is so good about Kenny’s videos, anyone can relate to them!


My favourite Indian comedian Kenny talks about people who smoke weed. His description of them rolling the joint is hilarious. People thought he is a stoner, to be honest even I thought so. But turns out he doesn’t smoke. Word of advice, don’t smoke up.

Good going Pete

Check out this 17 year old kid do stand up comedy. He talks about those typical facebook posts. You know, the one where you have to like it or something bad will happen to you. It usually has a pic of Jesus or a veteran or a kid or something else that everyone loves. I … More Good going Pete

American sports

Trevor Noah brilliantly narrates how excited Americans are about sports! He is a huge fan of soccer so kudos to him for that. Are Americans really that obsessive about their sports?

Immigrant parents

Russell Peters talks about his favourite subject, his life in Canada and his dad. I want to meet his dad one day. I will probably ask ‘are you proud of your son making money at the expense of your stupidity?’

Middle class restaurant

Kenny Sebastian! My favourite stand up comedian. His videos are damn relatable that’s why they are so hilarious. This video is about his experiences in middle class restaurants and high end restaurants which totally resonates with what really happens! His impressions of restaurant managers are fun to watch. Love this guy. Genuinely.

Cant be arsed

Aisling Bea talks about her fun first world problems. She tells her interesting story about a health problem and also laziness. Then she continues to express her thoughts on what her mother told her to take care of.  


Chris Rock tells us that education isn’t everything. He talks about career and minimum wage jobs. Quite relatable to the people who don’t find their jobs so fun.