Bungee Jumping

Abish Matthew talks about his experience doing bungee jumping. Sounds like a fun thing to try out, eh? Also, I have noticed many Indians try to impress foreign girls. I get too scared to even talk to them. They are too pretty. 

Voice over

Melissa Villasenor is an inspiration for me. She wears her weakness as her shield. She can change her voice at will and it’s pretty amazing. She can do anyone’s mimicry. She talks mainly about her voice in this video.

Kohinoor diamond

John Oliver has the ability to make news fun. This guy gives us important information about what’s happening in the world and at the same time has a comic take on the situation. His videos are really informative. This one is about the Brits not giving back the fabled kohinoor diamond.

Animal attack

Kevin Hart rants about being chased by an ostrich and how he was scared of it. Then he tells about how a racist dolphin tried to kill him. Such a pussy.