The Bible

This video is just for fun. Ricky Gervais makes fun of the bible. He takes things literally from the bible and picks on few funny things! He is an atheist so forgive him lord, but he does charity so as long as he is doing something good who cares! Brilliant chap Ricky! Also, do watch … More The Bible

Early Ellen

This is one of Ellen Degeneres early stand up comedy videos. She has come a long way. Journey to success is a long one they say. Recently she was given the medal of freedom by Obama. Both were teary eyed. She has influenced a lot of people and I thought it would be interesting for … More Early Ellen

NY,LA and Lion king

Jack Whitehall jokes about how people are in New York, yes you guessed it right ‘grumpy’. Then he compares drinking in LA to that in Britain. Boy does he love lion king! Last joke is something that happens to all of us! 


Ricky Gervais educates us about Nazis and sharks. Hilarious take on Hitler. Also talks about Falkland war, only because they won.I mean ofcourse no one talks about a war they have lost. Do watch this!

Terrorists vs Indians

I thought it was pretty obvious Indians aren’t the terrorists. It’s their neighbors. No, not Nepal. Russell narrates his few flight experiences and makes some logical points. I feel racial discrimination has become a store house of material for comedy. So many jokes related to that!

Young Jim

Jim Carrey in his early days of stand up! I love his movies. He is a fantastic actor and I bet no one can mimic him. I just dare you to do a mimicry of Jim Carrey! I double dare you! See him babble here.


They say Bill Cosby is a legend. I am not sure about it. Check out this video on his funny impressions of people on drugs. Why did I select this video? Because majority of youth does drugs? Who knows?